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Remit Money from Malaysia to Pakistan

Remit Money from Malaysia to Pakistan
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Best way to send money from Malaysia to Pakistan

Do you want to send money abroad to your relatives, friends or colleagues in Pakistan? Lotus Remit can help you with that. By availing our services, you can transfer money overseas from Malaysia to Pakistan at the best rates.

Send Money to Pakistan with Lotus Remit

You might be a regular remitter to send money abroad from Malaysia to Pakistan, if you have friends, relatives or colleagues in Pakistan. It can be tough to choose the best service provider as there are many of them in the market. If you choose Lotus Remit, we will give you the best exchange rates with quick service. When you compare our rates with other remit service providers, you will find that our rates are best in the market. We have offered excellent customer service over the years, which have helped us expand our loyal customer base. Our international money transfer services have helped us to gain a lot of trust among our customers.

The Fast and Simple Way to Send Money to a Pakistan

We will help you to send money abroad in the shortest time when you transact with us. Our international transfer from Malaysia to Pakistan service is dependable. We cater to everyone and it doesn’t matter if you are an individual or a business owner.

What Exchange Rates You Will Get?

Bank to bank transfers of other providers usually have a mark-up that could be around 5%. The value of exchange rate declines with they added mark-up. This means that you will have to spend more for your international bank transfer from Malaysia to Pakistan. When you send money overseas from Malaysia to Pakistan through Lotus Remit, you can expect to receive the best exchange rates with low transfer fees.

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Why you need to choose Lotus Remit?

There are several reasons to choose our services, but we list the top three.

  • Affordable Service:

    We offer highly competitive rates and charges only nominal fees on transactions.

  • Account Transfers:

    We are ensuring the best possible services in the form of exchange rates as well as speedy remittance on Bank Transfers and will ensure that the recipient gets the money immediately.

  • Safe and Secure:

    Our services comply with all the relevant rules and regulations. The safety of your money is our priority.

How to Send Money to Pakistan Online

It is very easy to send money online to your loved ones in Pakistan. You can opt for a money transfer service provider’s online wire transfer service. Keep in mind the following important things.

  • Keep the receiver’s bank details handy, which will include information like the receiver’s Bank Account Name, Account Number, and Branch Code.
  • Register your profile and make the transaction.
  • Fill the beneficiary bank account details.
  • Pay for the overseas money transfer from Malaysia to Pakistan either via your debit card or bank transfer.
  • When the transaction is successful, you will receive an email notification. You can use it to track the status of transaction.
Advantages while transferring Money Abroad

There are several advantages when you transfer money abroad from Malaysia to Pakistan. We list some of them below.

  • Fast:
    It is just a matter of minutes from the time you log in to the system and complete the transaction successfully.
  • Convenient:
    You can initiate the overseas money transfer from Malaysia to Pakistan from the comfort of your home. Your receiver too can receive the amount quickly through our extensive network of services.
  • Global Service:
    Sending money to around the world is now easier through Lotus Remit.
  • Safe:
    We have been in this field for decades and follow all the regulations and compliances of international money transfer from Malaysia to Pakistan.


How can I send money from Malaysia to Pakistan?

You can send money to Pakistan from Malaysia by following these simple steps.

  • Register your account on our portal. You will need important identification proofs like NRIC or passport. You need to provide these details only to onboard.
  • Click on the transfer service and select the destination country to know the exchange rates, transfer fees, etc.
  • Select your payment method like debit card, or bank account transfer.
  • The delivery method would include bank transfer to receiver’s account or pick-up from a designated beneficiary location.
  • Add the transaction details, including the transfer amount and currency you want to send.
  • Ensure all the details in the transaction are correct, including the Recipient’s Account details.
  • Transfer money into your recipient’s account.
What are the Fastest options to send money from Malaysia to the Pakistan?

Whenever you transfer money abroad, speed is one of the most important factors. Different service providers have different speed of remittance. If you want to make a transfer to Pakistan, you must decide how soon do you want your recipient to receive the money and how much service fees you are willing to pay. You must keep in mind the following things.

  • The payment method you opt for.
  • The amount of transfer you want to make.
  • The withdrawal method of your recipient.
  • The service provider you are using.

An online money transfer agency will help you in sending money abroad in the shortest time.

Which is the cheapest way to send money to Pakistan?

If you want to send money abroad from Malaysia to Pakistan, the cheapest way is to opt for the services of an online money transfer provider. You can get the best rates and also avail specialised services.

How much money can I send to Phillipines in a day?

The maximum limit is RM50,000 for individual transaction and RM200,000 for trade transaction, however, would depend on the compliance policy which is updated from time to time by Central Bank of Malaysia

Is Western Union cheaper than bank transfer?

Transferring money abroad through banks usually involves high processing fees. There are also complex exchange rate calculations and hidden charges. All of these make money transfer a confusing and expensive process. With the help of Western Union, you can transfer money abroad conveniently.