"We do not deal in personal loan/ Business Loan/ Investment plans, neither we have any subsidiary company dealing in such products. Be careful of fraudsters "

Frequently Asked Questions

We are involved in Remittance business.
We are efficient, customer friendly and offer the best rate in town.
RM 5 for Indonesia and Bangladesh corridor, and other countries would depend on the remittance amount.
The maximum amount you can transfer as per Bank Negara Malaysia guidelines is RM50,000 a day subject to compliance approval. Whereas the minimum amount is anything above RM10.00
NRIC/Passport, or any other document to support your transaction. Viz withdrawl slip from bank or ATM.
Call Head Office or the branch where the transaction was carried out.
The general rule is 2 times your basic salary, or any other amount acceptable by the Compliance department.
To all countries where our services are present, the countries are not in the sanctioned list by UNSC such as N. Korea and Iran.
As per limit imposed by your bank
On a case to case basis depending on the arrangement with our Principal
Yes, it is safe, we are licensed by Bank Negara Malaysia.
Please provide your mobile number or email id we will send you the instruction to follow.
Once documentation is complete and in order you may start transacting your remittance account.
Log on to Lotus remit website, there is a menu item for changing the password.
Google the name of the Agent to find the nearest location.
You can either receive money via bank credit or receive cash over the counter.
Government issued id, expected amount, name of the sender.
You can receive money in any currency allowed by Bank Negara Malaysia but only be credited to your account in RM (ringgit)
Go to the branch where you transacted with you receipt and request them to cancel.
The time taken by the principal, an average of 10days.
In most cases fee will not be refunded.
It will be useful when transfer money for any remittance instruction.
The teller will advice the customer if he suspects if the transaction is suspicious.
First report to the branch, the teller will try to contact the Principal to stop payment.
Do not respond to Internet or online auction purchase, fees to claim lottery o prize winnings, down payment for hard to get loan, once in a lifetime investment opportunities bargain price electronic goods or other equipment.
If recommended precautions are taken.
Don’t transfer money to unknown person.
Whatever currency you receiver, ringgit will be the legal tender be paid in Malaysia.
Good rate and efficient service. door step service to on boarding customers, user friendly service, low cost and speedy remittance service.
Because of compliance issue or rejection by Correspondent bank.
Depending on the corridor you are sending, generally it is RM5/-